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Retracing the 5th Thule Expedition - A Centennial Celebration

The "In the Footsteps of Rasmussen Project" (2016-2020) is a series of expeditions taking place just before the 100 year anniversary of Knud Rasmussen's epic journey and achievement.  

The timeline for the project is to have completed the explorations and field work portion of the project before the centennial- starting in 2021. Then sharing the findings in a series of articles, videos, and lectures from 2021-2024.

Expeditions will be conducted in a variety of ways- depending on the season. The objective is to retrace as much of Rasmussen's route as possible. Plans include dogsledding across significant portions of Arctic Canada, and Alaska, as well as traversing a large part of Eastern Greenland by dog-team.

The purpose of the project however, is more than just retracing Rasmussen's route, the goal is to create an updated Ethnographic study/inventory of the people that call this region home and to shine a spotlight on the current situation and status of the wildlife and landscape in this region of the arctic as it is impacted by the effects of climate change. In order to achieve this goal, certain areas/communities in the arctic will be visited several times.

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